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Olympus enjoys success in the third dimension: The Olympus 3D ScanTop

Hanover, 22 March 2001 - Olympus 3D ScanTop, has enjoyed considerable success since its release in September last year. Using the first-class opto-digital technology, this innovative 3D scanning solution fuses effortless and cost-effective operation with high-quality results. Naturally, this combination makes it ideal for multimedia design agencies, games developers and e-businesses looking for an affordable, fast system for the production of impressive spatial models.

For those in e-commerce, multimedia design, computer games and digital animation, 3D ScanTop could not have come at a better time. Unlike expensive projectors and laser scanners, the Olympus system represents an attractive complete solution with great price-performance making it particularly suited to smaller companies and those working freelance. It permits the creation of impressive 3D models in the shortest time.

Using an optional digital camera - the EISA award-winning three megapixel CAMEDIA C-3030ZOOM being the perfect choice - together with the turntable included in the package, an object can be shot from various perspectives (between 10 and 40 times). Furthermore, since the subject does not require handling, accuracy and flowing movements are assured.

3D ScanTop can save the data in all the major 3D image file formats including the high compression, high-quality SPX format. Using this system, the resulting file is, on average, only between 100 and 400 KB in size - even if the shots were taken with a high-resolution camera.

The 3D ScanTop studio weighs just 3 kg and is very compact to guarantee excellent portability.


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Цена: 960
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Скоростной кардридер для CompactFlash карт с интерфейсом FireWire.
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